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Sally Edmonds

Sally Edmonds is a contemporary bird artist based in Perth, Western Australia. After establishing herself in the fields of graphic design and prepress reprographics in the UK, Sally made the permanent move to Australia with her family in 2012. In 2014, Sally Edmonds Art was created, initially focusing on various artistic endeavours before specialising in avian art a few years later.


With a growing list of awards, Sally has emerged as a respected full-time professional bird artist, proudly representing Australian female artists. Her artwork is frequently exhibited in Perth and across Australia.

Visitors to Sally's studio in Kalamunda can explore her intimate bird art gallery, where her creations are available for purchase when not on exhibition elsewhere. Additionally, Sally offers a range of high-quality bird art giclee prints through her website, providing art enthusiasts worldwide with access to her work. For those looking for a unique touch, Sally's collection of greetings cards, meticulously crafted and delivered globally, offers a delightful and very affordable way to share her art with others.


Beyond her artistic endeavours, Sally demonstrates her commitment to wildlife conservation by supporting local wildlife rescue centres through online print sales and donations. She finds endless inspiration in nature and local wildlife, particularly the captivating Black Cockatoos, and aspires to continue creating beautiful bird art for years to come.


Sally Edmonds also welcomes commissioned projects, allowing individuals to collaborate with her and bring their own avian visions to life.


Discover the allure of Sally Edmonds' limited edition prints and exquisite greetings cards, which can be shipped worldwide.


Please get in touch.

+61 419 436 310

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